Auto Insurance Companies

If you’ve just moved to Texas or just gotten your driver’s license, there are several things you’ll want to know about driving in Texas and auto insurance. When driving in Texas, you’ll need to be aware of state driving requirements and minimum insurance coverage that may be unique to Texas. Knowing these requirements will help you to stay within the law and make the best decisions when working with auto insurance companies to obtain proper insurance coverage. For the best driving experience in Texas, you’ll want to know about online quotes, cheap insurance in Texas, liability coverage, discounts and premiums.

How You Benefit from Auto Insurance

• Auto insurance companies give everyone a little piece of mind, even if it’s not obvious at the time you’re signing up. By providing you with insurance coverage, you know you have a little bit of protection in a world where there are no guarantees and plenty of surprises.

• You must register your vehicle by law when you live and drive in Texas. In order to register and meet the qualifications, you must carry insurance or a bond. Auto insurance companies go out of their way to make signing up quick and simple. So, you get great insurance coverage and you’re all set to obtain vehicle registration.

• You’ve got coverage for the unexpected. Nobody, not even the auto insurance companies want to see you get into an accident. However, it can happen. You might be the safest driver on the highway only to be hit by somebody out of the blue. Most people don’t or won’t set aside savings for unexpected financial surprises. However, you’ve got your insurance coverage and you’re ready!

Online Quotes from Auto Insurance Companies

Luckily, consumers can now take advantage of all the auto insurance companies that are providing online quotes using the Internet. Insurance carriers can provide instant quotes, and consumers get a quick idea of just how much their insurance is going to run.

• Online quotes are wonderful for individuals who want a rough estimate, new drivers needing insurance and those looking to change coverage. Consumers fill out an easy form, click submit and they’ve got all kinds of insurance information instantly. For instance, if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in Texas, consider checking out

• Auto insurance companies need to collect just a small amount of information to provide the most realistic quote possible. So, when shopping for cheap insurance or online quotes consider the following:

• Decide what types of insurance coverage you need or you want. For starters, you must have liability insurance when driving in the great state of Texas. You also might want to get a quote on optional insurance policies just to check out the prices.

• Consider inputting a larger deductible amount. Larger deductibles mean you’ll pay a bit more initially, but overall, they’ll lower premiums and provide a cheaper quote.

• Don’t miss your opportunities for saving money. Get online quotes from many auto insurance companies all at once. Just input your zip code at and it will bring up a whole list of companies serving your area. It’s just that easy!

• Always be truthful when filling out online quotes. Supplying inaccurate info might result in incorrect price quotes and that doesn’t do you any good.

Automobile Insurance in Texas

Liability Insurance

Every driver must carry the minimum requirements of liability coverage in Texas. This insurance is referred to as 30/60/25 coverage. It breaks down to coverage limits of $30,000 for an injured person and a limit of $60,000 total per accident. In addition, it includes coverage for $25,000 applied to property damage for each accident.

Auto insurance companies can easily set you up to cover your minimum liability requirements. However, you should know that this minimum coverage is applicable to other driver’s medical expenses and the repair or the replacement of their vehicle. This coverage does not cover you or your expenses!

If you’re concerned about your own welfare and financial interests, it’s probably smart to meet with an agent to discuss other coverage options such as comprehensive, collision and medical payments.

One last thought about minimum liability coverage. As stated, it is the minimum required. You might want to increase the coverage amount from auto insurance companies just to be sure your financial expenses are covered.

Proof of Insurance

Every state has drivers that either can’t afford insurance or think they can get away without purchasing insurance from one of the many auto insurance companies. In a state like Texas, this is taking a pretty risky attitude. You’re must carry a proof of insurance identification card with you while driving at all times.

Id cards are mailed after purchasing a policy with auto insurance companies. They can also be printed from the insurance site online or requested via email. Either way, you must present your card in the following situations:

• Renewing a driving license

• Car inspection

• Renewing or registering a vehicle

• At an accident

• When police request it


If you should fail to turn over an insurance id card or police question the validity of your information, they may check the auto insurance companies listed in the TexasSure database. They’ll use the database to verify your vehicle information and insurance policy. If you do not have insurance and are not listed in the database, you may find you’re subject to penalties or jail time according to responsibility laws.

Texas Laws

Violating the Texas responsibility laws could result in penalties:

• $4,000 fine or possibly a year in jail or both penalties if you’re the cause of any accident, which involves a death or serious injuries.

• $175-$350 for a first offense when you fail to show an insurance id card. In some cases, it may be cheaper to go ahead and buy auto insurance.

• $350-$1,000, car impoundment and suspension of driver’s licenses for additional offenses. Definitely something to avoid.

• $2,000 fine, jail for 180 days or both penalties when you’re caught driving a vehicle in Texas without a driver’s license.

Fault Insurance

Texas is a fault insurance state as opposed to a no fault state. What this means is that if you’re the cause of an accident, you are considered to be at fault by the state. You are financially responsible for the accident.

Auto Insurance Companies Offer Customer Discounts

If you’re just starting to drive or changing insurance carriers, you might not be aware that auto insurance companies offer a variety of great discounts. Auto insurance companies all vary somewhat, and you may qualify for more discounts than you realize.

• Good grade discounts for students

• Defensive driving classes

• Multi-car policy discounts

• Discount for good driving with no claims

• Multi-policy discounts

Texas auto insurance

• Car safety discounts for anti-theft devices or airbags


You may wonder why some people’s premiums are lower and others higher at auto insurance companies. Of course, you must compare the same exact types and amounts of coverage, but there are several other factors that determine premium costs.

• Driver age

• Rural verses city driving

• Type of vehicle

• Driving record

• Claims history

• Credit score

• Driving purpose

Auto insurance companies work to provide you and other drivers with peace of mind. Now that you understand the financial responsibilities and requirements for the state of Texas, you’re ready to shop auto insurance companies. Save your time, money and get the best quotes from when shopping for auto insurance companies.